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Want to take your oral health to the next level? Discover our customised additional treatments at ALPINE WHITE now! From tongue cleaning to caries repair to tooth jewellery - we offer you individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Complement your professional teeth cleaning with our specialised services and experience a whole new feeling of freshness and well-being for healthy teeth.

Bad breath relief
CHF 15
Tongue cleaning at ALPINE WHITE is a specialised treatment designed to combat bad breath and promote overall oral health. A deep cleaning of the tongue removes bacterial biofilms and food debris without traumatising the papillae of the tongue. Book this treatment as part of your dental hygiene.
Caries Repair
CHF 95
ALPINE WHITE offers a revolutionary caries repair treatment that enables the regeneration of tooth structure. This non-invasive method allows the repair of initial caries, white spots and demineralisation without drilling, anaesthesia and pain. Book this treatment as part of your dental hygiene.
Oral Health Check
CHF 245
The Oral Health Check at ALPINE WHITE provides a comprehensive assessment of your overall oral health, including teeth, gums and oral mucosa.
CHF 45
A smile that's right on trend. Embellish your teeth with tooth jewellery! Choose your number of gemstones and even have patterns made. Book tooth jewellery as part of your dental hygiene or as an individual treatment.
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