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  • 高品质的牙齿饰品
  • 前两个月的保修期
  • 可在网上轻松预订
CHF 150.00预约预约

Treatment process

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Book an appointment in our online tool. You will receive a health form to fill out in advance.
Tooth surface cleaning
Your tooth surface is cleaned with gentle AIRFLOW technology. Then your enamel is prepared with a bonding agent so that the jewellery lasts a long time and no black spots form.
Attaching the jewellery
The desired dental stones are attached with tooth-safe adhesive and cured with light.
Enjoy your new smile with the tooth jewellery!
Alpine White Studio

Dental hygiene and tooth jewellery combined

We recommend combining tooth jewellery with dental hygiene. With dental hygiene, you get the first tartar for only CHF 50 and each additional tartar costs CHF 50. Book a dental hygiene and decorate your smile with high-quality tartar in our Studios.

Alpine White Studio

A place that invites you to relax

We want to offer you a relaxing experience. Our studios are modern and minimalist and do not resemble a dentist's office.

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